Monday, October 5, 2009

We can't do it without you...

We can't do it without you...

Life is Living Festival is happening on Saturday, October 10th at Defremery Park in West Oakland. We are looking for volunteers who are comfortable working with screw guns for this Friday, October 9th to help build wood frames for the graffiti battle.

We really need your help! The work is fairly simple and if we get a lot of people, it will be done quickly. We will be building at the skate park side of the park on Friday from 9am-4pm. The actual festival is the following day from 11-5pm. Please contact me if you are available and interested.

The addresss is:
deFremery Park (Little Bobby Hutton)
1651 Adeline at 16th Street
Oakland, CA

Please email to confirm your participation.

Estria will give you a Samurai Graphix t-shirt if you help us! We're begging!

Thank you,
Kanoelani Connor
Volunteer Coordinator for Youth Speaks

The Campaign

LIFE is LIVING... is a national campaign that uses a new form of green spoken story telling- one that represents the changing perspectives on what it means to be environmentally just. We seek to inspire people to take the value they see in their LIFE and establish it powerfully as a new voice to define what it means to be logistically and psychologically included in the new, clean and green economies. The "Going Green Movement" is still largely perceived by those living in poor communities and communities of color as inaccessible or irrelevant. Capturing the living moments of people in these communities, we create a bridge of culturally relevant & personalized conversations. We see this as a method of increasing our communities' power to influence and benefit from the Green movement, as well as bringing LIFE to environmental injustices. The campaign includes a traveling environmental caucus & concert, an invitational Living Word Graffiti Battle, live action sports, and hands on Green building activities.

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